Air Traffic and Navigation Services SOC Limited (ATNS) is proud to present the eighth annual AVI AFRIQUE Innovation Summit.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recently predicted the doubling of global aviation passenger numbers to 8,2 billion by as early as 2037. This introduces a challenge which governments and stakeholders should immediately take note of to ensure the aviation industry can successfully meet this anticipated demand.

As passengers will increasingly demand a seamless, secure and efficient end-to-end journey that is highly personalised, the aviation industry must adapt to market trends and emerging technologies.

To meet this anticipated global growth – considering the specialised training requirements and time required to develop the requisite skill and knowledge base of the aviation professional – the aviation industry will need to deploy an imaginative and intuitive educational framework which appeals to, and captivates, young minds to become the aviation professional of the future. 

To quote Jack Welch, famous American business executive, “An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Join us as we explore the AVI AFRIQUE Innovation Summit 2019 theme ‘Innovation for the development of future aviation minds in Africa.’

What do the AVI Awards seek to achieve?
The AVI Awards creates a platform that collates great ideas and assists innovators in turning their innovations into commercially-viable products and services. We want to create a pipeline of relevant aviation-related innovation ideas, products and services that seek to address the challenges faced by the industry and also look at improving on existing aviation technologies, services and products.