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On Thursday 24 August at the gala dinner,  ATNS launched South African Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Association (SAATSEPA).

SAATSEPA serves  to unite professional associations of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEPs) from around the world. The launch signifies the commitment and determination that ATNS has in making sure recognition in the work of aviation by engineers is pioneered.  An authoritative voice on the competence of ATSEP’s using strong global network and actively contribute to the improvement of air traffic safety.


  • 5D9A7776
  • 5D9A7785
  • 5D9A7789
  • 5D9A7794
  • 5D9A7806
  • 5D9A7807
  • 5D9A7811
  • 5D9A7812
  • 5D9A7816
  • 5D9A7844
  • 5D9A7845
  • 5D9A7847
  • 5D9A7848
  • 5D9A7851
  • 5D9A7853
  • 5D9A7855
  • 5D9A7858