AFI (African and Indian Ocean) RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum)

The ARMA (AFI Regional Monitoring Agency) acting on behalf of ICAO is delegated to South Africa and hosted by ATNS. RVSM in AFI was successfully implemented on the 25th September 2008 and is fully operational.


RVSM is an aviation term used to describe the reduction of standard ICAO Conventional Vertical Separation Minima (CVSM) required between aircraft operating between FL290 and FL410 inclusive from 2000FT to 1000FT.

This has effectively increased ATM capacity between the above mentioned levels by introducing an additional six flight levels. The increased and proven accuracy of the modern altimeter used in aircraft to determine flight levels has been made possible.

Only aircraft with the required MASPS (Minimum Aircraft System Performance Specification) and approved by their respective States for RVSM operations will be permitted to fly in RVSM airspace. Non compliant aircraft, excluding State aircraft, will be required to operate at or below FL280.